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The Power of Virtual Assistants in the 21st Century E-Commerce Arena


The world is rapidly evolving – from technology and gadgets, medicine and travel, to how we do business and consume goods. Any form of online business, particularly e-commerce, is no different, and is here to stay!

Hence, in this rapidly changing global economy where not too long ago we found ourselves in the midst of an economic downturn, the need to exploit opportunities and maintain viable significance in the online business industry amid the growing competition; remains highly imperative!

Whether you’re a small business online or offline, you can never overlook the importance of getting an “extra set of hands” to take the burden off you!


Intro To Advertising On Amazon

In order to be a truly successful Amazon seller, you need to ramp up your Amazon advertising strategy. This fact is especially important during the holiday season, when most sellers experience a spike in conversions. If you take the time to master advertising on Amazon, you’ll see revenue boosts throughout the entire year.


The Importance of Following the Fees

With Amazon’s FBA services, fees are part of doing business. Many of us are so focused on increasing revenue, we often forget to look at the money we have already spent. If the largest aggregate expense you will have selling through FBA are fees, then why are we not more focused on ensuring that we are being charged correctly?


How to Scale Your Amazon Business

As competition continues to grow on Amazon more than it has ever been, reviews become more necessary than ever before. The only issue is that reviews are very hard to get on products as Amazon has made updates and changes to TOS.

How eCommerce Sellers Can Solve Cash Flow Issues Quickly

by Victoria Sullivan

As an ecommerce seller, are you constantly finding yourself in a cash flow crunch? As you very well know, it’s difficult to maintain a steady source of cash when you don’t get your income for two weeks (or more). These payment delays make it nearly impossible to cover daily expenses, invest in growth or be prepared for the unexpected.


How To Stop Resellers From Violating Your MAP Pricing

One of the many necessary tasks you have as an Amazon seller is to monitor Amazon prices. The most important price of all, however, is the minimum price you set for your products, which is known as MAP pricing. If you’re uncertain of what MAP pricing is or curious about how to deal with reseller violations, this is the article for you.


All About The Amazon Best Seller Ranking

A big goal that many Amazon sellers hope to achieve is the highest position in the Amazon best seller ranking, or BSR. But, what exactly does this ranking mean, and how do you earn it? Let’s explore the details of the ranking and how to, with luck, win the coveted Amazon best seller badge.


How To Write An Amazon Cease And Desist Letter

One of the hardest jobs you have as an Amazon seller is dealing with hijackers. These piggybackers will sell fake versions of your product while claiming it’s the real deal, often leaving you to handle poor reviews. To properly deal with hijackers and protect yourself from losing future sales, you need to write an Amazon cease and desist letter — or use a feature that writes them for you.


What NOT To Do As An Amazon Seller

There are plenty of guides out there on what you should do to be a successful Amazon Seller. But what about things you shouldn’t do? Avoid these practices if you want to gain the Amazon Best Seller Badge or ranking and stay on Amazon’s good side.


Top 3 Amazon Keyword Research Tools

As an Amazon seller, you know how important it is to have a great Amazon product tracker that alerts you to changes in your listings. But, how do you know which words are most important to include — and keep — in your listings? We’ve lined up a few of the best keyword research tools out there to help you further streamline your Amazon alerts. Let’s take a look!


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