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How To Work The Amazon Marketplace To Your Advantage

As the old saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them!

That’s certainly the case when it comes to e-commerce giant Amazon. Having practically invented online shopping as well as setting the customer experience bar extremely high, independent retailers can use the established site to their advantage as a way to sell their own goods.

Current market conditions dictate that brands need to sell through multiple channels and build relationships with major online marketplaces in order to create an impactful presence.  For a brand to thrive, influence is key, and there is no greater authority than that of the world’s number one e-commerce marketplace.

Whether or not you are an independent retailer or have an Amazon store yourself, there are a plethora of ways in which you can leverage the Amazon Marketplace to your advantage, some of which we have set out below.

Get Your Product Reviews in Check

Anyone that’s familiar with online selling knows that reviews can make or break a business. An initial way to address this is to clearly define your keywords and target them at the appropriate population. If your products are coming up and being purchased for the wrong reasons, that may lead to negative reviews.

Acquiring and maintaining good reviews are integral to forming a good reputation and winning the trust of potential customers.  Conversely, negative reviews can be extremely damaging and, if not monitored or followed up on regularly, will impact performance significantly.

Taking the reins of the important product review process is one of the first steps of harnessing your store’s influence on Amazon.  Good customer reviews are essential elements of social proof that strengthen the perception of your brand, leading to more frequent sales.  Addressing negative feedback is also a fundamental component of keeping your customer reviews healthy. More often than not, you can influence changes to a customer’s initial feedback by offering them a solution even if the purchase is already complete.

If you’re planning on setting up an Amazon store and review monitoring seems like a lot of work, it’s possible that it can be. There are tools out there to help you manage your reviews in a quick and easy way, giving you more time and energy to allocate elsewhere. Amazon also favors merchants that respond effectively to customers; a key requirement for winning the elusive Buy Box or being among the first sellers in line for your chosen product is to have great customer satisfaction.

Other ways you can bump up your product reviews is to encourage your customers to be as detailed as possible – leaving photographs or even unboxing videos to further cement your brand’s influence via customer endorsement.

In short, monitoring your customer reviews is an imperative part of being successful in the Amazon Marketplace and will save you time, money and hassle in the long run.

Make the Most of Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon)

If you’re an FBA seller and send your products to Amazon fulfillment centers so they can take on customer shipping, and returns, you’ll enjoy plenty of benefits to help you reach your audience on the Amazon Marketplace, such as:

  • Reliable logistics to get your products from A to B – an immediate deciding factor for customers
  • The convenience of Amazon Prime, which customers pay a premium for on your product
  • A greater likelihood of winning the Buy Box and increasing your brand’s presence

Because your products are standing behind Amazon’s unbeatable reputation for seamless customer service and delivery, your products will stand out as a safe, trusted purchase.  Being associated with Amazon is enough to give your store an edge over the competition, resulting in higher sales and in turn, a better chance of ranking among the best in your category.  By playing it smart with PPC ad campaigns and other guidelines in this post, being an FBA seller is one of the most effective pathways of utilizing the Amazon Marketplace to its full potential.

Other merchant options such as Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) and Amazon Private Label can be much more labor-intensive when it comes to standing out from the competition.  While there are other benefits connected to profit margins, independent stores must take on all elements of the sales journey and work that much harder to compete with Amazon-endorsed products and fulfillment.  Though they are still taking advantage of the Amazon Marketplace, FBA sellers enjoy more immediate exposure.

Plan Your SEO Well

Making sure your store’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy is working to its maximum is an absolute necessity in gaining a competitive edge on the Amazon platform.  A fully optimized store increases product visibility, page traffic, and search volume.

By using strategic keywords on crucial parameters like product title and description, brands can sell better and move up the marketplace ranks for coveted benefits such as winning the Buy Box.

When your store’s SEO is optimized and you’re aware of where your top keywords rank in the Amazon marketplace, your overall traffic will increase and you’ll probably wonder why you never paid attention to SEO sooner.

Make Use of Amazon’s Advertising Features

The next level up is to try Amazon’s main advertising feature – Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC). Keywords can make or break your listing, but it doesn’t end there. It is crucial to take time creating the backend of your Amazon account, as well as target appropriate audiences through strategic PPC campaigns to maximize your profits per click.

Based on finding the most relevant and profitable keywords for your products, Amazon PPC is a great strategy for enhancing your brand’s presence and fully utilizing the marketplace platform for what it offersThis, along with other factors, such as removing non-converting keywords and increasing bids for keywords that convert well, is a recipe for better conversion rates and store ranking.

Running regular PPC campaigns ensures your products are taken seriously by customers, due to their visibility and higher ranking among competitor offerings.  In fact, most top-ranking brands run PPC campaigns as a way to safeguard their stores from competitors and protect their top rank positioning in Amazon searches.

Win the Amazon Buy Box

With all this talk about winning the Amazon Buy Box, it’s time we explained what it is and how relevant it is to make your store successful on Amazon.

The Amazon Buy Box is a feature that sellers can compete to win if they are able to maintain a good customer experience as well as overall store performance.  The Buy Box is presented as a call to action button on the product page, ahead of other sellers selling the same product. Naturally, this is a quick and attractive option for most customers and usually presents them with the best value.

Winning the Buy Box is a game-changer and immediately places your products as one of the best in the category, helping your store achieve better sales and outdo the competition. Elements that are vital in acquiring the Buy Box status include excellent customer service, multiple shipping options, good inventory planning, and product availability.

Moving Forward

As you get started on your Amazon journey, PPC Entourage can help you with any PPC and keyword needs you may have. Our strategic, hands-on approach allows you to get the best results, saving you time and energy to invest elsewhere in your business.

Whether you are looking to optimize your current listings or are just starting out, remember that the best way to succeed with Amazon selling is to always be updating. In the world of e-commerce, nothing is stagnant, and your SEO, PPC, and customer service strategies shouldn’t be either!