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What Is Inventory Management Software for Amazon and Why Do You Need It?

Amazon (the online retailer to rule them all) is where you want to be selling your products if you’re an e-commerce business. But finding your niche on Amazon and remaining successful can be difficult if you’re not using the best Amazon FBA tools available. The task of attracting customers, filling orders and earning a reasonable profit can be daunting. But with smart inventory management software, Amazon businesses can take control and make Amazon work for them.

We’re walking you through how Amazon seller inventory management software works and why you need it for your business today!

How An Inventory Management System Works

An inventory management system assists Amazon sellers with keeping products in stock. In order to keep sales flowing, tracking order volume, forecasting sales and staying on top of cash flow is critical. The following are some of the many moving parts that go into an efficient and successful inventory management system.

1. Systematic Listing Of Products

First, an inventory management system will list your products on Amazon systematically. You’ll simply have to list them once, and the products will automatically update from there on out. This will save you both time and energy.

2. Automatic Inventory Updates

After listing your products, inventory management software for Amazon will automatically update the listing following returns or exchanges. This means your customers will always get an accurate view of your current inventory, so you can avoid stock out situations or overselling. This software runs 24/7.

3. Product Tracking

An inventory system also keeps track of any products currently stored in the warehouse. So, when an order is placed, you’re able to efficiently deliver it to the customer, providing a great shopping experience every time.

4. Performance Reports

Your inventory management system will also provide daily performance reports in terms of sales and profit. This will help you analyze the current state of your business and enable you to make better decisions in the future.

The Benefits Of Having Inventory Management Software for Amazon

As you can see, the sheer amount of features that an inventory management system provides is itself an invaluable commodity. But there is additional value that can be found in the long-term benefits that Amazon FBA inventory management software can provide.

A Reduced Risk Of Overselling

Overselling is something every online seller is constantly trying to avoid. Overselling products can result in disappointed customers, Amazon suspension and a total loss of control. But by using an inventory management system, you can sync inventory across the various marketplaces and platforms you’re on, verifying that stock levels are automatically updated after every sale.

Improved Partner Negotiations

Inventory management software’s tracking capabilities mean better overall traceability. This equates to you being able to access valuable information and thus the potential for negotiations with suppliers and possible future partners — opening the door to exclusivity deals. You will also gain a better understanding of which suppliers are more beneficial to your business than others.

Inventory Cost Reduction

When using a reputable inventory management system, you’re streamlining your process and thus eliminating costs. In addition to cutting out costs related to human error, you’ll shorten supplier lead times, reduce excess and obsolete stock, and eliminate stock-outs and overstocks (but more on that next).

Reduced Stock-Outs And Excess Stock

It can be challenging to manage the perfect balance of inventory on your own. Too little stock can cause a stock-out, while too much stock can take up space in the warehouse and incur fees. Either way you slice it, not maintaining the right amount of inventory will cost you.

But with an inventory management system, you can avoid excess stock and stock-outs. Easily track stock levels and set up automatic re-ordering points for each of your products using your management system.

Improved Visibility

In the event of a recall (which will happen from time to time), the affected products will need to be tracked down. This can turn into a nightmare if you don’t have the necessary visibility and batch tracking functionality in place. But through the use of an inventory management software, you’ll have full product traceability, allowing you to quickly locate the affected batches.

Enhanced Business Decisions

Management software is critical in that is provides you with crucial sales data and inventory metrics, allowing you to make informed, data-driven business decisions that will lead to success for your company.

Streamlined Inventory Management

Quite simply, Amazon FBA inventory management software simplifies your business. It removes the risk of human error by automating your inventory process. The process of managing your inventory thus becomes infinitely easier, saving you time and money on a daily basis.

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