How to Optimize Amazon Seller Listings for More Sales and Traffic
optimize amazon listings

Optimizing Your Amazon Seller Listings

Most people believe that all you need to do, to have a successful Amazon seller account is to simply upload your amazing products on Amazon and wait for the sales to come in. However, having a successful account takes a lot of consistent work. The best way to have a successful Amazon seller account is by optimizing your Amazon listing.

Optimizing an Amazon seller listing means that you are strategically implementing key elements into your listings to make sure they show up more frequently when buyers are looking for your products. Although there are countless of ways to optimize your Amazon listing, if you follow the basics of optimization, your Amazon seller account will be more visible to Amazon buyers. Listed below are the basic optimization techniques that will help your Amazon account reach the next level of success.

The Steps to Optimize Amazon Product Listings Include:

  • Keyword Research
  • Create Compelling Titles
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Run Sales & Promotions
  • Use Quality Photography
  • Use Bullet Points for Important Specs
  • Comprehensive Descriptions
  • Seller Software to Help Optimize
  • & More

Keyword Research

The main focus of optimizing is implementing proper keywords into your Amazon seller account. Before you can implement keywords, you must figure out which keywords are most valuable in your specific industry. There are many free programs like Keywords Everywhere, that will help you determine how valuable specific keywords are. A simpler way to get a better understanding of keywords in your industry is by examining your competitor’s sites. It is safe to assume that if your biggest competitor is using specific keywords, those keywords should be utilized on your site.


The title is one of the first elements buyers will see when they come across your products. Thus, to increase your chances of conversions, you must have strong keyword relevant to the product in the page title.  It is highly recommended that your title does not go past 200 characters.

Competitive Pricing

When there is no brand loyalty, the price of a product is a strong determining factor when potential customers are deciding to buy or not. This why it is important to price your product similar to your competitors. If your price is significantly higher than your competitors, there is a low chance that you will get conversions. If your price is significantly lower than competitors, either you will lose money, which will ultimately make your business fail, or potential buyers will think the price is too good to be true and not buy through you.


Sales and discounts are a great way to attract people to your Amazon seller account when you are relatively new. Also, sales are an excellent way to liquidate your inventory quickly. However, when making sales prices, you must make them believable. If your discount is too extreme, you will either lose money, or your potential customers will think that the sale is too good to be true, and not convert. So rather than going for $100.00 to $10.00, to make the sale more believable, you should go from $100.00 to possibly $90.00.

Quality Photography

If you do not have quality pictures, people are less likely to click on your products. Currently, you can post seven pictures on Amazon seller products. If you want to optimize fully, you must properly utilize each of the 7.

    1. Make sure all seven pictures are quality images. Avoid using stock images.
    2. The main photo should be a clean straightforward picture of the product.  Use a white background.
    3. The following three photos should show off the details of the product. Use a white background.
    4. The final three photos should be the creative shots that show the wonderful benefits of the product. Pictures of people using the products

It is highly recommended that you hire a professional to take photos for your Amazon seller account.

Bullet Points:

Bullet points are a way that people quickly assess if a particular product is right for them. Since the average person just skims over bullet points, you must have points that stand out. Listed below are a few element you should add to your bullet points to encourage buyers to purchase.

  • Enjoyment or Extension of life
  • Enjoyment of food and drinks
  • Stress-free from pain and danger
  • Sex
  • Good living conditions
  • Winning or Success
  • Protecting family
  • Social approval

Unfortunately, you cannot focus on all these elements in one product, so you must determine which elements are appropriate for the specific product you are optimizing.


Similar to the bullet points, the description is another way to attract people through the call to actions, and the eight elements. Not only should you use some of the eight elements and call to actions, but a description is also a great place to properly implement keywords that will help your listing show up better on Amazon. Also, make sure you focus on word choice in the description. Even though many words have similar meetings, the perceived attitudes towards words vary, so you must be methodical with your word choice. For example, rather than writing “Cheap,” you should say “Affordably Priced.”

Software for Amazon Sellers

Correctly following these steps may seem like it is difficult and will take a lot of work. Unfortunately, this is entirely true. To optimize all your products on your Amazon seller account, you must follow these steps, along with more advanced steps, to be able to compete in the Amazon seller marketplace. If you want to compete in this cut-throat marketplace, continuously optimizing and adjust your product could be another full-time job. If you run a one-person Amazon seller account, properly optimizing your Amazon seller account will cost you time that is needed to run other parts of your company, which will result in a loss of overall productivity.

At AMZAlert, we are dedicated to protecting your Amazon seller as well as helping you optimize many aspects of your products. With our Amazon monitor program, we will monitor product keyword ranking changes, as well as product title changes. This monitoring will allow you to be ahead of the curve when it comes to optimizing your Amazon seller products. Not only will we help you in the optimization process, but we will do so at a competitive price.  Ranging from $80-$200 a month, the AMZAlert program is not only the best, but it is also the most cost-effective. Check out all of our Amazon seller packages today!


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