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How to Scale Your Amazon Business

As competition continues to grow on Amazon more than it has ever been, reviews become more necessary than ever before. The only issue is that reviews are very hard to get on products as Amazon has made updates and changes to TOS.

Until now, there has only been one way to contact customers asking them to leave a review which is by email. We all know that email sometimes is not the best option, especially with more and more customers opting out. Amazon is making it way harder to make that connection with the buyer 🙁

Our friends over at have come up with something unbelievable that will help with this issue. Instead of emails, they are using direct mail to send postcards out to customers.

Personally, there is nothing better than receiving a heartfelt letter from a company. Steve Eilers has created a short video showing the importance of this piece of software and why it is a must to scale your Amazon business.

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~AMZ Alert Team

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