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Intro To Advertising On Amazon

In order to be a truly successful Amazon seller, you need to ramp up your Amazon advertising strategy. This fact is especially important during the holiday season, when most sellers experience a spike in conversions. If you take the time to master advertising on Amazon, you’ll see revenue boosts throughout the entire year.

Why Use Amazon Ads?

Just like putting an ad in the newspaper, or even creating a Google ad campaign, Amazon ads help spread the word about your products to a wider audience. The simple act of exposure can do wonders for a product’s ROI from both a pay per click (PPC) and organic perspective.

Yes, you read that right. A good Amazon ad campaign can considerably improve your organic Amazon rankings. Amazon’s ranking algorithm takes sales history strongly into account. So, if your ad campaign brings in a lot of sales, you just might find yourself the new king of the buy box or the proud holder of a best seller badge.

What Kinds Of Amazon Ads Can I Run?

There are two main kinds of Amazon ads that you can run. The first kind are self-service or sponsored product ads (formerly known as headline search ads). Amazon sponsored ads give you a great deal of control since you can set and monitor your campaign budget and you’re only charged when a customer clicks your ad. You can then adjust your ad bids based on which keywords yield the best results for your listings.

Premium ads (also known as product display ads) also have those benefits. The main difference between premium and sponsored ads is how they’re displayed. Premium ads are more likely to be featured on Amazon’s pages as banner and sidebar visuals, and can also appear on other websites. This gives you an even greater range to reach out to customers who may be interested in your products.

How Do Amazon Ads Work?

After you’ve decided which product or products you want to create an Amazon advertising strategy for, you can head to Amazon Advertising. There, you will select your products, set a budget and choose keywords and categories you think would be best to target. The ads will then appear on search results pages and other relevant product pages, similar to how Google inserts ads before regular organic search results. When buyers click your ads, they are then redirected to your product detail page or your store, where they can purchase your amazing products!

How Much Do Amazon Ads Cost?

Just like with Adwords and Bing Ads, the cost per click (CPC) for keywords varies based on the competitiveness of those words. However, most Amazon keywords cost around $0.35, with most of them coming in lower than average. It’s easy to create an affordable campaign that pays you back big time!

Track Growth From Your Amazon Advertising Strategy

When you create a stellar Amazon advertising strategy, you’ll start to see some equally stellar results. If your campaign takes off during the holiday boom, it can be especially tricky to keep track of changes in your listings. That’s where AMZAlert comes in.

With AMZAlert’s Amazon ranking software, you can track keyword movement for your Amazon listings. Knowing which keywords you’re ranking best for in the Amazon marketplace can give you a serious edge when constructing your ad campaign since you’ll already know which ones bring you the most conversions.

It’s also important to track Amazon buy box changes, because the moment you win a top slot, a hijacker is bound to try to take it from you. Our software will give you immediate text alerts and email notifications and send an automatic cease and desist letter to ensure a hijacker can’t cheat the system and piggyback off of your hard work.

A solid campaign plan for advertising on Amazon combined with AMZAlert’s tracking software can help you boost your ROI and help make your customers happy. Sign up today to become a powerhouse seller just in time for the holidays.

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