How To Win The Buy Box On Amazon— Buy Box Eligibility & More

How To Become Buy Box Eligible On Amazon

Best Seller Badge, Best Seller Ranking, Buy Box — it seems like there are so many coveted rankings to compete for in the Amazon marketplace. But being eligible to win the Buy Box is probably what tops the goal charts of most Amazon sellers, since winning it can send sales through the roof and change the face of your eCommerce business. Learn more about the Buy Box, why it’s so important and what steps you can take to win it for your business.

What Is The Buy Box?

Let’s say you’re looking for a certain kind of playset for your kids on Amazon. On the product detail page for a playset, you’ll find the product name and description, but also, to the right of that information is a box that generally contains two buttons: Add to Cart and Buy Now. This section is the Buy Box.

Why Is The Buy Box Important?

Aside from being more convenient, when Buyers click either Add to Cart or Buy Now, they’re purchasing from whichever Amazon merchant has won the Buy Box. It doesn’t matter if there are 2 or 200 other offers for the product — the Buyer’s money is going to whoever’s on top. You can see a major spike in revenue if you manage to win the Buy Box, even for a short period of time.

Aside from the potential revenue spike, earning the Buy Box means that Amazon acknowledges your quality of customer service, including on-time shipments and overall positive reviews. And if Amazon trusts you, customers will trust you, too. The good attention that your store gets from the Buy Box can linger even if you do eventually lose it.

How To Win The Buy Box On Amazon

The first step toward winning the Buy Box is becoming Buy Box eligible. Formerly called Amazon Featured Merchant Status, Buy Box Eligible Status means that you’ve proven yourself as a professional Amazon seller and are now in the running for the top spot. So, rather than asking how you win the Buy Box, you should ask how you gain eligibility. To become Buy Box eligible, focus on these criteria.

Order Defect Rate

Your order defect rate is based on the amount of orders that receive negative feedback or an A-to-Z Guarantee claim. It serves as a track record for the overall quality of your customer service and products. If you don’t have the best numbers, shift your focus to delivering a great product and buying experience every time. Limiting your ODR will go great lengths toward helping you become Buy Box eligible.


Unfortunately, it can be hard for a brand new Amazon seller to become a Buy Box winner. Amazon prefers to award eligibility, and the box itself, to merchants who have been present (and successful) for a decent period of time. Check to see if you’ve earned Professional Seller (or Pro Merchant) status, which is a good indicator that you’re on the right track.

Competitive Pricing

While you want to stay in a price range similar to your competitors’, be careful not to get sucked into the “race to the bottom.” Striving to have the lowest possible price will only hurt your business, both in the pocketbook and in the eyes of Amazon, which could suspect you of selling counterfeit products. Instead, keep an eye on pricing trends or use an automated repricer tool so your listings are always in the range they should be.

Late Ship Rate

This rate isn’t relevant for FBA users — Amazon can’t fault you for shipping late when they control your inventory! If your orders get to their location late, especially if it’s three days late or more, you can receive major penalties. Make sure your orders always arrive on time, if not early, to increase your chances of being Buy Box eligible.


Having your products properly stocked plays a major part in your success as an eCommerce business and in becoming Buy Box eligible. Know which seasons are busiest for your business and prepare accordingly.

Contact Response Time

Amazon wants its sellers, especially its featured merchants, to be masters of customer communication. Ideally, you should respond to customer complaints, inquiries or reviews within 24 hours of receiving them. In fact, Amazon calculates how many messages you’ve responded to within that period (or sooner) when considering which sellers should win the Buy Box.

Make Winning The Buy Box Easy With AMZAlert

Selling on Amazon can be tricky enough as it is, but trying to also win the Buy Box can be a lot for a business to juggle. That’s where AMZAlert comes in.

AMZAlert has a whole host of Amazon seller tools that can help you with everything from review management to suppressed listing alerts so you can always stay on top of your game. You’ll be instantly alerted when you receive a review of three stars or less, and you can even craft automatic responses for the ASINs you’re monitoring. You’ll also be aware of problems in your listings (like suppression) that you normally wouldn’t get a warning about.

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