Amazon UPC Codes — Why & How To Buy UPC Codes For Amazon

Amazon UPC Codes: Why Every Seller Needs Them & How To Get Them

You have the product, you have great product photography and you have some killer copy written for your product’s description. Now all you need to do is upload it to your Amazon seller account — or so you thought. Before you post your product to Amazon’s catalog, there’s one more critical thing you need to do, which is secure a universal product code, or UPC. Find out how you can secure Amazon UPC codes and why they’re so vital to the success of your products.

What Is A UPC?

Universal product codes are the unique 12-digit barcode sequences found on virtually any product. On any given trip to the grocery store, you’ll find UPCs on your cereal boxes, fresh produce, hygiene products and more. The UPC barcode, combined with the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) listed right below it as 12-14 digits, ties the product directly to the brand manufacturer.

What Makes Amazon UPC Codes So Important?

You might think that in the world of ecommerce, universal product codes are no longer necessary. After all, when you upload your product to Amazon, you automatically receive an Amazon Standard Identification Number, or ASIN. This is a 10-digit code that buyers can use to search for your product on Amazon.

The critical difference between a UPC and an ASIN, however, is that UPCs can be used universally, not just on Amazon. Like ASINs, UPCs can also be used to locate your products on Amazon. This is important for buyers who might know the UPC from buying the product at a physical location and want to ensure that what they’re buying online is the same product. As stated above, the UPC is the direct link between your product and your company and brand.

Amazon UPC codes are not only useful but also mandatory; Amazon’s seller policy now requires products to have proper UPCs. If your product does not have a UPC, or has a UPC that is either invalid or already in use, Amazon may suppress or remove your listing. In extreme cases, you may even have your ASIN creation privileges revoked, which can seriously limit your ability to move inventory.

How Do You Get UPC Codes For Amazon?

To get authentic UPCs, the best place to start is GS1, an information standards organization that provides a Company Prefix for your products in order to link them directly to your company and brand. There is also a GS1 UK for European sellers who need European Article Number (EAN) codes. You can buy UPC codes for Amazon through GS1 starting at around $150 for up to 1,000 numbers annually. You can even buy as many as 100,000 numbers annually.

Aside from GS1, there are a few other reputable barcode distributors out there with reasonable rates. They include:

  • Snap Up — barcodes start at $5 for one or as little as $0.10 per code.
  • Barcodes Mania — barcodes start at $4.99 per code, or $140 for up to 600.
  • Barcode Love — barcodes start at just over $5 per code or about $580 for up to 5,000.

Other Benefits Of Having Amazon UPC Codes

Aside from being an Amazon requirement, having Amazon UPC codes can help guard your products against common seller threats. A UPC, GTIN or EAN can give you the leverage you need to prove the authenticity of your product and defend against piggybackers. The codes also help buyers find your products more easily online and, being universal, they can allow you to expand your business to other channels as you grow. Overall, these few little digits that make a huge difference!

Get Extra Protection For Your Product Listings With AMZAlert

While giving Amazon the ability to check UPCs can help fight against counterfeit products to a degree, it won’t deter every single leech or piggybacker. That’s why AMZAlert is here to help.

Amazon Piggyback Alerts  can notify you immediately when someone is trying to undercut your sales by offering a knock-off product posing as yours. If a piggybacker/leech is detected, we can even automatically send the fraudulent seller an Amazon cease and desist letter on your behalf.

Meanwhile, the Amazon Product Tracker tool from AMZAlert sends you automatic alerts whenever it detects hijacker activity on your chosen listings. The tool’s 24-hour surveillance can track any sabotage attempts, from product title and image changes to updates in category nodes.

Rather than keeping a constant lookout for these changes yourself, our software sends you text and email notifications to keep you in the know and help you quickly regain control of your listings.

Want to learn what else AMZAlert can do for you? Check out the rest of our Amazon product software features to get started.

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