Different Amazon Seller Strategies to Attract and Maintain Customers
amazon seller strategies

Amazon Seller Strategies

Once you have fully set up your Amazon seller account, it is time to start strategizing and implementing techniques to make your brand known in your specific market. Even though there are countless strategies you can combine or use individually, we have listed a few of the most common Amazon seller strategies, that you can implement into your business.

Product Price Vs. Quality

Many people think the way to gain customers is to have the best quality product at the best price. Even though this is true, in many markets, it is nearly impossible to be the absolute best product at the most inexpensive price. Also, in many markets, customers don’t care about quality, or price respectively. This is why a strategy you can use is picking either quality or price. In many markets, people care less about price and more about quality. Exotic cars and medical devices are typical examples of quality trumping price. If you are in a market that cares more about quality, it is recommended that you focus on creating your product with only the best materials. Another way you can bring quality to your customer is how you present your product. Even though packaging may not affect the overall quality of a product, in many industries, packaging can affect the overall quality of the presentation of a product.

In other markets, customers do not typically care about the quality or the presentation of the product. They only care if the product can get the job done at the best price. A major industry that mainly cares about price is the disposable utensils industry. From plastic forks and spoons to saran wrap, most customers only care about the price of these products. The best way to compete in a competitive price market is to find the most efficient and cheapest way to reach the basic standard of quality. A common way companies can do this is by making or purchasing their materials in bulk. By making and buying in bulk, you can spread the cost throughout more items, making each item significantly cheaper.

Even though picking either price or quality is a strong strategy, you must make sure you are picking the right approach. Before choosing a plan, you must look at the behavior of your customers and competition.

Monitor the Amazon Market

Another competitive strategy you can use is monitoring your market on Amazon. Amazon’s platform is always changing and responding to the habits of Amazon users. If you monitor your Amazon seller account regularly, you will be able to stay on top of trends and competitors. Typical things you should monitor include keywords changes, product category changes, hackers, and many other evergrowing elements. With an extensive amount of elements that need to be watched, it can get overwhelming and seem impossible to do. Fortunately, there are Amazon monitoring programs that will help you automate your monitoring process. If you can monitor your market and properly act on the current changes in your market, you will be able to be the leader in your industry on Amazon.

Branding on Amazon

An important strategy that you must take into consideration is branding. If you correctly implement a brand strategy, you will be able to set your company apart from the competition. The most common ways to up the quality of your brand are to build a quality brand website and be the resource in your industry. Be sure to look through our Amazon Listing Protection article, to learn more about branding techniques. From having quality pictures to having logos consistent with your brand, it is essential that you make sure your customers fully understand what you sell and what value you can add to their lives.


The dynamic of all markets are widely different, and they all react to various elements. This is why you must research and fully understand your market. If you do not fully understand your market or customers, you may deliver them the wrong products. You may even bring them the right product but in the wrong way. Fully understanding the climate of your market, and the habits of your customers will not only help you with your Amazon seller strategy, but it will also help you be the top competitor in your industry.

If you would like to learn more about the Amazon seller market, be sure to look through the rest of our Amazon Seller articles. Check out our Amazon monitoring packages, contact us, or request a free demo today!

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