Amazon Seller Management Software: Protect Your Product Listings with AMZAlert

Sell Smarter: Protect Your Product Listings With Amazon Seller Management Software

To make the most of your Amazon business, you have to be able to protect your listings. The best way to do that? Being a smart seller, which includes using Amazon seller management software to keep 24/7 watch over your listings. But before we get into the software details, find out how you can fortify your product listings against one of the most annoying problems on Amazon — hijackers.

What is a Hijacker?

We’ve covered hijackers and piggyback listings before on AMZAlert, but a little refresher never hurts. A hijacker is a seller who creates a competing listing in the buy box, often at a lower price, and steals sales from you. The problem is that they might be selling a counterfeit version of your product, which can wind up reflecting poorly on your listing if a customer leaves a negative review. Even if they do get the product from the same manufacturer, they’re still stealing sales from your brand and being a real pain in the neck.

How to Protect Your Listings

There are a couple of ways you can deter hijackers from stealing your listings and sales. Some of the steps we’ll mention might seem difficult, but with Amazon seller management software, it doesn’t have to be. First, let’s go over a few ways to prepare your products before you even put them on Amazon.

Brand Your Products

The more distinct your branding, the harder it is for hijackers to sell it for themselves, counterfeit or otherwise. On top of having distinct brand markings on your products, make sure that those markings appear clearly in any product photography you post. This will make it easy for a customer to identify when they’ve received a counterfeit product — if it doesn’t have the correct branding, it isn’t the real deal.

Another crucial part of branding is having Universal Product Codes, or UPCs, which we’ve also covered here on AMZAlert. While Amazon does issue ASINs when you list a product, having a UPC will help you spot supply chain leaks and counterfeiters more efficiently. If a product doesn’t have a matching code, or doesn’t match your numbers, you’ll know something is amiss. Amazon requires products to have UPCs now, anyway, so make sure you have your codes in order before trying to sell.

Register Your Brand on Amazon

This is a fairly simple way to get a bit more protection on your listings. If your company represents its own brands or manufactures its own products (or both), you’re eligible for enrollment in Amazon’s Brand Registry. Note that this is only possible if you have a company website, which is a good idea anyway if you want to have more e-commerce channels than just Amazon.

Another thing to keep in mind is that registering with Amazon isn’t a guarantee that hijackers will stay away from your listings. However, it’s a fairly effective deterrent, and if a hijacker does wind up selling a counterfeit version of your product, the process for having their listing removed is more streamlined.

Monitor Your Listings

This is the part where Amazon seller management software can help. A lot. Instead of spending valuable time glued to a screen, use software with features like review monitoring and hijacker alerts to do the watching for you.

AMZAlert’s hijacker removal software will alert you as soon as you either lose the top buy box spot or something changes about your product listing without your approval. We’ll also notify you if you receive a negative review (three stars or less) so you can respond to it promptly and see what the customer’s complaint is — it could be related to receiving a counterfeit product from a hijacker.

As for the “removal” part of our software, AMZAlert can generate automatic cease and desist letters to give hijackers a warning before further action is taken. Our cease and desist templates automatically fill in the needed information for the ASINs being monitored, so defending your listings and taking back the buy box is a cinch.

Learn More About Amazon Seller Management Software From AMZAlert

Cease and desist letters and hijacker removal software are just two of the tools in AMZAlert’s toolbox. We offer Amazon sellers a whole host of other features to help them win back their time and maximize revenue — and, most importantly, create amazing products for their customers to enjoy. Start your 10 Day Free Trial today.

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