Amazon Review Management: Learn The Dos and Don’ts With AMZAlert
Amazon Review Management

Amazon Review Management Dos And Don’ts

Even if you follow every guideline and produce a quality product, buyers might still leave negative reviews on your listings. Amazon review management can be tricky — Amazon has very specific rules for buyer-seller interactions. We’re here to help you address negative feedback while sticking to Amazon’s guidelines.

Know Which Interactions Are Allowed — And Which Aren’t

There are far more interactions that are NOT allowed in buyer-seller interactions than ones that are. Let’s break down what you can’t include in a permitted Amazon customer email.

  • Links to other websites, Amazon detail pages, or storefronts
  • Any logos, such as seller logos, containing a link to the seller’s website
  • Any promotions or marketing materials for the seller’s product or service
  • Any promotions for a seller’s other products or services
  • Any promotions or referrals to a third-party product or services
  • Unauthorized or misleading business names
  • Unsolicited or inappropriate email communications

The best way to interact with buyers is within the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service provided by Amazon. There will be no chance to misuse a customer’s personal email or phone number. The service stores all your buyer interactions in one place. It also records all correspondence you have with buyers. Sometimes, Amazon will resolve the issue before you. The service is more visible to Amazon than outside email or messaging sources.

How To Take Action on Negative Reviews

Now that you know which actions to avoid, you can open correspondence with the buyer who left a negative review. Above all else, be sincere in each of these interactions — you want to help your customer as much as possible.

To start, send the reviewer a message. Your initial message should only be an apology that your product or service didn’t work out for them. Offer a replacement or refund. Keep the message concise and don’t mention the review. Requesting that they modify or remove the review will not only turn off the buyer from responding to you, but could also get you in trouble with Amazon.

If they respond, thank them for addressing the issue they experienced in their review. Follow through on your refund or replacement. At this point, you can mention that reviews are helpful indicators of customer service, not just product quality. You still can’t directly ask for them to remove or change the review. Once satisfied with your response, they will most likely take care of that part on their own.

If they don’t respond, the best thing to do is leave a comment on the negative review. Take the opportunity to show how much you care about your products and your customers’ satisfaction. Again, offer a sincere apology. This won’t change the star rating, but it will show future customers that you are a responsible seller.

How To Keep Track Of Negative Reviews

Amazon review management is a critical part of creating a successful product listing for your seller account. It’s also one of the most challenging. Keeping track of everything people are saying about your product is exhausting. Not to mention monitoring changes in your star rating and tracking which reviews Amazon gets rid of. “Amazon review checker” could be a full time job, but it’s just one of the many hats you wear.

That’s where AMZAlert has your back. We provide Amazon text alerts and email notifications to help you keep track of any and every change in your product listing. Our automated Amazon review tracker will tell you:

All of these alerts will help you stay up to date on your product’s performance. Knowing when a review comes in or when a rating changes will help you respond effectively to your customers and rise to the top to earn the coveted buy box. In short, streamlined Amazon review monitoring can save you time and help you earn more money.

So what are you waiting for?  Let us help.

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