Monitor Amazon Prices And Stop Resellers From Violating Your MAP Pricing

How To Stop Resellers From Violating Your MAP Pricing

One of the many necessary tasks you have as an Amazon seller is to monitor Amazon prices. The most important price of all, however, is the minimum price you set for your products, which is known as MAP pricing. If you’re uncertain of what MAP pricing is or curious about how to deal with reseller violations, this is the article for you.

What Is MAP Pricing?

Saying “MAP pricing” is actually a bit redundant, since MAP stands for “Minimum Advertised Price.” But that’s a discussion for another time. The MAP is an agreement between manufacturers and resellers stating that, when a reseller lists the manufacturer’s product, they won’t advertise it below a set minimum price. So, for example, if the MAP is set at $30, a reseller can’t sell the product for $20.

MAP pricing exists to help smaller sellers compete with large retailers and to maintain brand value. It shows buyers that they won’t be able to find a better price anywhere else, encouraging them to buy directly from you. When resellers violate your MAP agreement, it’s time to take action.

How to Handle MAP Violations

Dealing with MAP violations on Amazon can be tricky business. First, you need to be sure that you actually have a set MAP — otherwise, you have no authority to stop people from selling your products at super low prices. It will also help you make your case with Amazon, if you ever need to report somebody.

That being said, dealing with MAP violations is largely your responsibility. Amazon can be hesitant to enforce MAP agreements because to do so could result in a loss of third-party revenue. It’s crucial that manufacturers set a MAP and report any violations as soon as possible to maintain brand integrity.

To address MAP violations, follow these simple steps.

  1. Send a message to all identified MAP violators
  2. Be clear and firm: let them know that you vigorously enforce your MAP agreements, which they have violated
  3. If this is the reseller’s first violation, consider letting them off with a warning if they correct their pricing. If they’ve violated your MAP before, it’s time to ban them.

Let AMZAlert Help

Having to constantly monitor Amazon prices not only takes up a ton of time; it’s just plain exhausting. That’s why AMZAlert has developed our Amazon Price Monitor to assist in tracking your products’ prices. Whenever a reseller creates a listing with a price below your MAP, you will instantly be alerted via email or text. This Amazon price tracker removes tedious product-checking from your schedule, so you only have to respond when you’re notified of a violation.

Curious about our other features and packages? You can check out all the different Amazon text alerts and email notifications available for your convenience. Let AMZAlert handle Amazon while you handle what’s most important — making amazing products and running a successful business!

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