Suppressed Amazon Listings: Avoiding and Resolving Them With Help From AMZAlert
Amazon Suppressed Listing

Suppressed Amazon Listings: How To Avoid And Resolve Them

Whether you’re a new or experienced member of the Amazon Marketplace, you know that creating a successful seller account can be challenging. Especially if some of your listings aren’t actually listed.

A common problem that many sellers face is a suppressed Amazon listing. This occurs when your product listing is incomplete, formatted incorrectly, or missing the data required by Amazon’s standards. When your listing is suppressed, it doesn’t show up in product searches, even though it still appears in your inventory. You could be missing out on sales and not even know it! It’s a relatively easy problem to remedy but, without Amazon seller software to alert you of such changes, it can be catastrophic for your sales goals.

There are several reasons that product suppression occurs, many of them simple mistakes. One of the most common is adding a main image that isn’t set against a plain white background, or failing to add an image at all. Another could be that you forgot to enter a value in the Category field, which is a problem for all but a few U.S. categories. Simply enter values where they are missing or add an appropriate image and you’ll be back on track in no time.

So, how do you do that? Luckily, it’s a fairly simple process that you can complete manually. The steps, as shown in the Amazon Seller Forum, are listed below.

How To Fix Suppressed Listings On Amazon

  1. Go to Manage Inventory.
  2. Select Fix Suppressed Listings in the left navigation pane. Note: Fix Suppressed Listings is only visible if you actually have suppressed listings.
  3. Select a viewing option, like All Suppressed Listings. Other subsets could be directly related to the problem, such as Image Missing.
  4. Click the Actions link for a listing and select an option, such as Edit Details (Fix Listings).
  5. On the Amazon Product Summary page, select a tab with an alert indicator. Red exclamation points indicate suppressed listings while yellow triangles indicate quality alerts.
  6. Click Save and finish after you have resolved all alerts.

How To Know When You Have An Amazon Listing Suppressed

It is important to keep in mind that Amazon does not always tell you when your product has been suppressed. This is something you have to check on manually, yet another time-consuming task stacked on top of your already-long list of daily upkeep. Fortunately, it’s also something that AMZAlert can keep tabs on for you.

We’ll provide suppressed Amazon listing alerts via text and email notifications whenever something changes in your product listing, meaning you’ll know right away if one of your listings has been suppressed. You’ll save time and money, which can both go toward more important things — like continuing to add new listings to a successful store and, just maybe, putting your feet up and relaxing!

Make undetected Amazon suppressed listings a problem of the past. Sign up for AMZAlert today.

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