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Amazon Product Tracker

Top 3 Amazon Keyword Research Tools

As an Amazon seller, you know how important it is to have a great Amazon product tracker that alerts you to changes in your listings. But, how do you know which words are most important to include — and keep — in your listings? We’ve lined up a few of the best keyword research tools out there to help you further streamline your Amazon alerts. Let’s take a look!

Scope by Seller Labs

Scope will help you identify keywords worth targeting, and monitor your keyword ranking lists as well as your competition. Simply head to Amazon, type in a competing product ASIN, and pull up Scope to see what keywords they’re ranking for. You can then optimize your own product listings using those same frequently searched keywords, increasing the likelihood that people will find your merchandise.

If you simply want the Scope extension for Google Chrome, it’s available as a download for free. Unfortunately, you won’t get the same quality or quantity of keywords with the free version. Depending on the number of keywords you want to track, you could pay up to $57.50 per month. For Amazon-accurate keyword searching, it could be worth it.

Keyword Tool Dominator

KTD’s Amazon Keyword Tool is great for finding long tail keywords. The best part is that the keywords come directly from Amazon, so you know the results are accurate and pulled from searches made by real customers! You enter a keyword into the tool and sit back as it creates a list of corresponding keyword predictions. You can then download the list, which gives you a more accurate idea of what people are searching for when trying to find products just like yours. Once you’ve armed your listings with new keywords, you can then use an Amazon product tracker to make sure no one changes your listing without permission!

If you want to use Keyword Tool Dominator for free, you are limited to three searches per day. However, you can buy the full version of the tool and extension for $49.99 as a one-time purchase.

Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner, an extension of Google AdWords, is an amazing keyword tool for all business owners. While the keywords suggested in this tool are not Amazon-specific, they do come from Google’s massive archive of search data. You can trust that any keywords you find in Keyword Planner will translate pretty well to Amazon.

The best part about Keyword Planner is that it’s free! It’s an accessible tool for sellers big and small, and it’s almost guaranteed to yield some great results for you to track.

Using Keyword Tools With Amazon Product Tracking

Now that you’ve created a sizable list of new keywords, you can sprinkle them into your product titles, descriptions, and image tags. With AMZAlert’s Amazon product tracker tool, you can then keep tabs on your newly optimized listing titles — you don’t want a hijacker taking away those great keywords!

AMZAlert offers Amazon text alerts for sellers on-the-go, letting you know of any unauthorized changes to your listing. We have Amazon email notifications as well, making monitoring your account as easy as checking for new messages. Let us keep an eye on your new, keyword-rich listings so that you can kick back and relax! Find the AMZAlert package that’s best for you.

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