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How To Write An Amazon Cease And Desist Letter

One of the hardest jobs you have as an Amazon seller is dealing with hijackers. These piggybackers will sell fake versions of your product while claiming it’s the real deal, often leaving you to handle poor reviews. To properly deal with hijackers and protect yourself from losing future sales, you need to write an Amazon cease and desist letter — or use a feature that writes them for you.

Writing A Cease And Desist Letter

A cease and desist letter is a written warning that you send to the offending seller. Many times, this letter is all you need to get the hijacker to stop selling your product. If not, more drastic measures will need to be taken — check out our article on ASIN piggybacking to learn what to do if you find yourself in that situation.

In the meantime, follow these steps for writing a successful Amazon cease and desist letter.

1. Be Clear Right Off The Bat

Start your Amazon cease and desist letter by clearly identifying yourself, what the letter is and why you are sending it. State the exact title and brand information of the product and let them know that, by selling a fake version of it, they are in direct violation of multiple Amazon terms of service. In fact, selling counterfeit products is a violation of trademark laws as well. Emphasize the seriousness of their infringement.

2. List The Terms They Have Violated

If you’re particularly familiar with Amazon’s terms of service, you can list the terms the hijacker has violated. This can be useful in the future if you need to send a copy of the letter to Amazon Seller Performance. Make it clear that you never gave the hijacker permission to sell your product or use your trademarks.

3. Give Them A Chance To Take The Listings Down

Give the hijacker a set timeframe to take down their fake listings (try 24-48 hours). Let them know that you’re trying to resolve the issue without getting Amazon involved. If you were to report the problem to Amazon, they would likely be stripped of their selling privileges, store and listings. They might also have a hold placed on any funds in their seller account. Many times, the hijacker will take the opportunity you’ve given them to take down their false listings, so there won’t be a need to contact Amazon.

4. Post Your Letter

To post your letter, simply go to the hijacker’s seller profile page and click the “ask seller a question” button. Select “other” as the type of inquiry and paste your letter into the comment box. Your letter is now posted and, for the next 24-48 hours, you simply have to wait for a response and monitor their listings to see if any changes take place. If nothing happens after that timeframe, it’s time to take action and report the problem to Amazon.

Sound Complicated? There’s A Better Way

Hijackers can be relentless sometimes, so you definitely don’t want to write a brand new cease and desist letter every time a new one pops up — not to mention personally handle all the monitoring that goes with it. That’s why AMZAlert has developed our Rapid Restoration feature: it automatically sends an Amazon cease and desist letter whenever a hijacker is detected.

To use the Rapid Restoration feature, simply choose the cease and desist letter template that suits your needs best. The letters then auto-populate the needed information from your chosen ASINs, so you don’t even need to worry about filling in the blanks! You can turn the feature on for specific ASINs or all of your products. Rapid Restoration is a hands-off monitoring feature that lets you relax while also feeling safe and confident about the performance of your Amazon listings.

Contact AMZAlert For Even More Features And Alerts

AMZAlert has plenty of other Amazon email alerts to offer on top of Rapid Restoration. You can receive Amazon text notifications as well, so you can get important updates on product listings and more while you’re on the go. Find out how our Amazon seller software tools can help make your life as an Amazon seller as stress-free as possible.

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