Amazon Best Seller Ranking — What It Is And How To Earn It With AMZAlert
Amazon Best Seller Ranking Tracking Software From AMZAlert

All About The Amazon Best Seller Ranking

A big goal that many Amazon sellers hope to achieve is the highest position in the Amazon best seller ranking, or BSR. But, what exactly does this ranking mean, and how do you earn it? Let’s explore the details of the ranking and how to, with luck, win the coveted Amazon best seller badge.

What Are The Amazon Best Seller Ranking And Badge?

The BSR is calculated through sales numbers and is updated hourly to reflect recent and historical sales in the Marketplace. Although historical sales are important to the calculation, the ranking has been found to place more weight on recent sales. This is because Amazon’s algorithm uses predictive analysis in conjunction with sales data — it knows that a recently released product is likely to sell better than a product that’s been around for a few years. It can be tricky to determine which products will snag the spotlight, and for how long they’ll stay there, as Amazon is quite secretive about the inner workings of their algorithm.

The Amazon best seller badge is an extension of the BSR, and it’s just what it sounds like: an icon that shows up on the product detail page (and sometimes the search results listing) of the #1 Best Seller in a given category. You may see a badge appear and disappear on your listings depending on sales fluctuations. The BSR updates so frequently that you might gain and lose the badge several times. But that also means that the sought-after #1 Best Seller slot is up for grabs every hour.  

How Can You Earn The Amazon Best Seller Badge?

To put it simply, your products have to sell really well. The BSR algorithm relies most heavily on recent and historical sales, so those are the numbers you have to work on in order to achieve a top ranking.

So, how do you improve sales enough to increase your rank? One of the best answers available is to rank well in subcategories and gradually work your way up to the larger, more general categories. The more you specify what a product is within a category, the more likely you’ll find people who are looking for that particular item.

For example, you’ll have an easier time selling a new facial wash if you list it in subcategories like “Beauty & Personal Care > Skin Care > Face > Treatments & Masks > Serums” than in the “Beauty & Personal Care” parent category. Eventually, you might earn the #1 Best Seller Badge for the “Serums” subcategory but still be, say, #247 in Beauty & Personal Care. Either way, your product will start to gain the visibility it needs to climb higher in the Amazon best seller ranking.

The most important thing to remember about the BSR is that there’s no hard and fast method for climbing the ranks. It also doesn’t indicate that your product is any better or worse than the others listed — that’s what star ratings and reviews are for. Even so, it’s easy to get discouraged as you try to keep up with the latest changes. That’s where AMZAlert can help.

Keep Track Of Amazon Best Seller Ranking Changes

Given that the BSR updates hourly, it can be exhausting trying to keep track of which products’ ratings have increased or decreased, not to mention which products have the #1 Best Seller Badge. Thanks to AMZAlert’s Amazon Best Seller Ranking tracking feature, you can earn back countless hours of your time.

This tracking tool instantly alerts you to which of your listings have changed ranking or earned the Amazon best seller badge. You can even monitor the changes of your competitors so you always know where you stand when compared to other sellers. Keeping track of these changes will help you formulate the best possible selling strategies and give you a crucial advantage in the Amazon Marketplace.

Get A Leg Up On The Competition With AMZAlert

Let us watch the rankings so you can kick back and watch more important things — like all the sales you’ll be racking up!  Learn more about the Amazon Best Seller Ranking feature and the rest of our Amazon seller software tools, and get AMZAlert today.

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