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Deleted Amazon Review Checker

As an Amazon seller, you know the importance of negative Amazon review monitoring, but the reviews you are getting aren’t the only ones you need to monitor. How are you checking and ensuring that your Amazon reviews aren’t being deleted? If you aren’t, you may notice your average star rating change with no new reviews. How could that be? Amazon periodically removes reviews, and there is no official rhyme or reason. By having a deleted Amazon review checker, you can be alerted when reviews are deleted you can ensure your star rating doesn’t tank.

How Deleted Amazon Review Checker Works

When Amazon deletes reviews from your product, whether a positive or negative review, they don’t notify you, nor do they justify why it was removed. If Amazon is removing negative reviews from your listing, it’s not a bad thing, but it is a good thing to be aware of so you can accurately report on changes to listings and how they affect conversions. You definitely want to be aware of Amazon removing positive reviews, especially 5-star reviews, as you can see a dramatic shift in star rating with the removal of those. With AMZAlert’s deleted Amazon review management software, you will get Amazon text alerts and email notifications when a review of your product listing is removed. This allows you to take action or simply make a note of the change.

Why Amazon Sellers Need Deleted Review Monitoring

As previously mentioned, it’s crucial to monitor your star ratings to ensure you are gaining consumer trust, maintaining your buybox position, and having maximum visibility. When you are alerted to a deleted product review, you are able to go into your Amazon listing software and check the star rating, and either try to solicit new product reviews to make up for lost good reviews, or try to maintain the new higher rating from bad reviews being deleted.

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