Amazon Product Title Changes - Amazon Product Tracker from AMZAlert

How The Amazon Product Tracker Can Alert You to Any Product Title Changes

You rely on all of your product information to be correct on Amazon so that consumers can find your listings. When a hijacker implements product title changes, you can be left in the dark, unknowing that your product no longer reflects the value it actually has. To combat this you must actively check all of your product listings which is laborious and time-consuming. Enlisting the help of an Amazon product tracker such as AMZAlert can help you save time, money, and stress by tracking any changes in your listings for you.

How Does the Amazon Product Tracker Monitor Titles?

AMZAlert is a 24-hour surveillance for your online store. This means if anything changes in your products, you will be notified through Amazon text alerts or email so that you can take back control of your store instantly. There is no need for you to constantly check on your product titles because AMZAlert will do it for you.

Why Does an Amazon Product Tracker Matter to You?

If you are unaware of changes made to your products because you don’t have enough time to monitor Amazon, you could be missing out on sales. Having incorrect information on your listings will be reflected with lower click-through rates and lower conversions. Maintaining your rankings on the Amazon marketplace can be a full-time job, and one that cannot be performed 24/7 by one person. Enlisting an Amazon product tracker can ensure that your products are constantly monitored, allowing you to fend off any hijackers or competitors who may seek to tarnish your product listings and rankings.

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