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Get Notified About Amazon Star Rating Changes

Customers who shop at Amazon mostly rely on ratings more than they rely on product descriptions to make sound buying decisions. Our handy Amazon star rating software can help you keep track of your positive and negative star ratings when they change. AMZAlert is the leading Amazon star rating tool for Amazon sellers. It is the perfect tool for small, Amazon-only merchants and large multinational brands to get alerts on product ratings, optimize Amazon listings, and monitor competitors to increase your overall sales.

Monitors Amazon Sellers Star Ratings

Are you concerned about how your customers are feeling about some of your products? This Amazon star rating tool will help you keep a closer eye on customer ratings. Our email and text notifications provide you with a timely Amazon text alert that lets you know when products lose or gain a star. If you are experiencing a lot of bad reviews, it doesn’t hurt to reach out to the customer and see if you can make it right with them.

Reasons Amazon Sellers Need Product Star Rating Change Alerts Include:

  • Customers rely on the star ratings on products more than product descriptions when making buying decisions
  • Knowing when your rating changes, negatively or positively can allow you to strategize your selling
  • Knowing your star rating gives you an idea about how customers feel about your product
  • You can get instant text alerts anytime your star rating changes
  • Knowing your customers and their experience can help you to grow your amazon business
  • Constantly monitoring your star ratings manually can be time-consuming
  • Doing damage control when your ratings become negative can be crucial for customer relations
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