Amazon Product Checker - Product Image and Category Monitoring Software

Amazon Product Image & Category Monitoring

Your product listings and the category it is associated with are crucial to consumers find your product and understand what it is. If your product doesn’t have an image, it will likely have a poor click-through rate and conversion rate. If your product is in the wrong category, it is also likely to have a poor click-through rate and conversion rate. Unfortunately, Amazon hijackers like to sabotage the listings they are competing with and will try to change your product images and category nodes. Having an Amazon monitoring software that can alert you to changed product images and categories can be extremely beneficial to managing your eCommerce business.

How the Amazon Product Checker Works

When you use AMZAlert to manage your product listings, you will be able to turn on a feature that will monitor the images and categories of your products. Any time it detects a change in featured image, removal of an image, or change in the category, you will instantly get Amazon text alerts or email notifications sent to you. This allows you to take instant action to ensure you don’t lose any sales from the change.

Why Sellers Need an Amazon Product Checker for Images and Categories

Typically, when your product images change or get deleted, and you did not request it, a hijacker has jumped on your listing and submitted their own images that look like the product they are selling. For category changes, a competitor will often go in to move your product to improve the ranking of their product in the category. Both of these can significantly decrease click-through rate which affects your conversions. To maintain your rankings and the buybox spot, use an Amazon product checker like AMZAlert to stay on top of the changes.

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