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Amazon Negative Review Monitoring

Having reviews for any product or service is essential for operating a successful eCommerce business. Even if you have a solid base of good reviews of 4 or 5 stars, one negative review can bring down the average rating, which can drop your product listing to an unfavorable spot and affect the buybox spot. AMZAlert helps with this by monitoring the negative reviews. With this Amazon seller software, you will receive Amazon text alerts or email notifications about bad reviews.

How Negative Review Monitoring Works

When you start using Amazon monitoring software, you will import your ASINs and get the basic setup done. At that time you are able to turn on the feature for negative review monitoring. The software will start to monitor specific ASINs for negative reviews. When AMZAlert detects a negative review, you will get an email or text alert, depending on your preferences. Not only will the software check for negative reviews, anything with 3 stars or less, it will also monitor to ensure no negative review is being marked as helpful. When you get the alert, you can move forward to take action.

Reasons Amazon Sellers Need Negative Review Monitoring Include:

  • Amazon is known for scammers and Chinese fraud so earning consumer trust is crucial as a seller
  • Negative reviews can severely impact your sales so the quicker you can react the better
  • manually monitoring reviews for all of your listings can be extremely time-consuming
  • negative reviews can drive down your overall rating even if you have a few excellent reviews
  • With negative review monitoring, you can mark a negative review as unhelpful as soon as you are notified.
  • You can reach out to the reviewer and try to remedy the issues they had with your listing
  • you can add a reply to the review so that others may see the response and it may help remedy the problem they had
  • If the review violates Amazon’s policy, you could submit the review for Amazon to remove it

Get started with negative Amazon reviewing monitoring and sign up for your free trial of AMZAlert today!

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