Amazon Monitoring Program FAQs - AMZAlert


Our FAQ section is designed to help you get a better understanding of our Amazon monitoring software.

Q. How often does you Amazon monitoring software check my Amazon listing?

A. Amazon monitoring of your listings is every 45-60 minutes. This is 30x more than our competitors and the FASTEST Amazon Listing monitoring software available!  Our Amazon keyword tools check keyword rank changes 2 times per day.

Q. Can this Amazon monitoring software monitor certain things on some ASIN’S, but other things on other ASIN’s?

A. Absolutely! You can pick and choose which things to monitor on each product.

Q. I have multiple Amazon seller accounts. Will this Amazon monitoring software work for me?

A. Yes! No need to open multiple Amazon monitoring accounts with AMZAlert. You can use our software with an unlimited number of selling accounts!

Q. Can I use this Amazon product monitoring software to track my competitor(s) products?

A. Absolutely! You can track your products, or a competitor’s, with our Amazon monitoring software.

Q. How does this Amazon monitoring software work?

A. AMZAlert is designed with proprietary software to check your Amazon listings fast and efficiently, just as if you were checking them yourselves.

Q. How many ASIN’s can AMZAlert monitor?

A. Depending on the Amazon monitoring package you purchase, AMZAlert can monitor as little as 25 ASIN’s, all the way up to 500 ASIN’s.  Need more than 500? No problem! Please contact us for a custom quote!

Q. I’m new to Amazon and was told to check out AMZAlert. But why do I need this Amazon monitoring software?

A. Hold onto your horses, newbie! You’re in for a ride. It’s true that the world’s largest e-commerce platform is rife with opportunity. But as a seller, it won’t be long before you start running into common (super frustrating and not to mention expensive) problems. From hijackers to Amazon’s automated systems that often perform spontaneous, unpredictable, and often harmful actions, you will soon spend hours watching obsessively over your listings. That’s time you could be spending working on your next product, marketing, or truly vacationing for heaven’s sake!

Q. Does AMZ Alert work for both Vendor Central, Vendor Express, and Seller Central accounts?

A. YES! AMZ Alert works for ANY Amazon products, regardless of which type of selling account you have.

Q. I have more than 500 ASIN's. Can you put together a custom package for me?

A. Yes – we have users with THOUSANDS of ASIN’s and can put together a custom package for you.  Please contact us for a custom quote!


Our FAQ section is designed to help you get a better understanding of our Amazon monitoring software. Our Amazon monitoring software will help you with all the ever changing nuances of the Amazon world. With our Amazon monitoring software, the only thing you will need to worry about is selling your quality products! Find the right Amazon monitoring software package for you!