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Amazon Adult Content Alerts

You value your Amazon product listings, and we do, too. After all of the hard work you put into them, it’s important to understand how Amazon excluding adult items may affect you as a seller. According to the company’s Adult Products Policies and Guidelines, “any product which is designed for use in sexual activities or that contains explicit images, titles or any other content intended to sexually arouse” is categorized as Amazon Adult Content. Amazon deems these products as non-suitable for children or sensitive audiences, and as a result, the items are flagged and restricted. When the item you’re trying to sell receives an Amazon Adult Product flag, it becomes unsearchable. Amazon doesn’t notify sellers when this happens, forcing you to check periodically. But there is a way to avoid going to all this trouble and still be in the know so you can act quickly.

How Amazon Adult Product Flag Alerts Work

When you become an AMZAlert member, you’ll have the power to monitor your Amazon products without wasting time and energy. You’ll receive personalized notifications directly to your mobile device via Amazon text alerts and email messages. These Amazon alerts will inform you of any updates regarding your items, such as an Amazon Adult Product Flag. With the ability to monitor these changes, you can act fast and prevent the loss of business. Manage your listings and any flagged items with the help of AMZAlert Amazon Product Marked as Adult Monitoring Software.

Our customers report sales increases of 30-100% within 1 month, just by using AMZ Alert!

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Manually checking your listings is tiring and not possible to do 24/7

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