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Alerts for Product Bullet and Description Changes

After all the hard work you put into choosing the perfect information for each of your beautifully formatted short description bullet points and flawless long descriptions, you don’t want some hijacker to come along and ruin everything, unbeknownst to you. Even if you keep a close eye on your listings and your competition, you might not realize that someone has stolen your words until they’re already beating you in the rankings. With AMZAlert’s Amazon change tracking software, you can keep a pulse on all your listings — including product bullet and description changes — without having to stay glued to your monitor.

How Alerts for Amazon Product Bullet and Description Changes Work

The first step every new AMZAlert member takes to initiate Amazon product tracking is importing products into our system and selecting each of the features you’d like to activate for your listings. This could include buybox alerts, hijacker warnings and, of course, alerts for product bullet and description changes. Once activated, you’ll receive notifications as soon as we detect changes to your product descriptions and bullet points, allowing you to take the necessary next steps. For example, if the problem is a hijacker, a good course of action is to write a cease and desist letter, or use our rapid restoration feature to prepare one for you. We keep our eyes peeled so you don’t have to!

Our customers report sales increases of 30-100% within 1 month, just by using AMZAlert!

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Product bullet and description changes made by other sellers can include inaccurate information

You may lose your buybox spot due to description changes

If you lose the buybox, you could miss out on a significant number of sales

The sooner you’re notified of damaging description changes, the sooner you can recover your position in the rankings

You could wind up with negative reviews due to misleading description changes

Negative reviews can lead to suppressed listings, which can cost you even more sales

Monitoring all of your listings is impossible to do 24/7

Buyers use bullets and descriptions to learn about a product — make sure yours are one of a kind and stay that way