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Amazon Text Alerts and Email Notifications

Running an Amazon store can be as easy or as hard as you make it. For smaller stores, it may be easy to run manual monitoring on a variety of things such as your buybox spot or best seller ratings, but for larger stores and sellers with a lot of products, manual monitoring is a time-consuming task that you could theoretically spend your entire day doing. One the easiest ways to take that work off your plate is by using an Amazon monitoring software that can alert you to changes.

How Amazon Text Alerts Work

When you start using AMZAlert’s Amazon listing software for Amazon text alerts, you will be able to choose a package that fits your needs with a variety of features. Some of these monitoring features include:

When you activate these features, you will be able to track a number of ASINs with the software for each feature. When your listing is affected by hijackers, leeches, best seller rankings or badges, pricing changes, and more, AMZAlert will send you a text (SMS) alert or email notification, based on your settings and preferences.

9 Reasons Amazon Sellers Need Amazon Text Alerts Include:

  • Text alerts allow you to spend less time monitoring your listings
  • Knowing changes to your store instantly allows you to react promptly
  • You can stay on top of hurtful tactics such as hijackers
  • You can track keywords allowing you to sell and optimize efficiently
  • Constant monitoring of your store helps you to win the buy box and stay at the top of searches
  • Knowing when your rankings change will allow you to react, saving you from losing sales
  • Without alerts, you would need to manually monitor all of your listings resulting in a large loss of time
  • Text Alerts can help to increase your profits and margins as you can change strategy accordingly
  • Being in the dark about changes such as your star rating can lead to a loss of sales and traffic