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Amazon Review Monitoring: Check Ratings Changes, Respond To Reviews & Stay Ahead Of The Curve

Just like all online consumers, Amazon customers rely on reviews and ratings to get the best possible idea of a product’s quality and a company’s reputation before they buy. That’s why having good reviews — and keeping the negative ones in check — is an essential part of operating a successful eCommerce business. With AMZAlert’s Amazon review monitoring software, you can keep track of new reviews, comments and star rating changes without having to glue yourself to your computer monitor.

Use The Amazon Review Checker To Track And Auto-Reply To Negative Reviews

AMZAlert’s review monitoring software defines a negative review as anything falling within 1-3 stars. You simply need to enter the ASINs in your store that you would like to track and the software does the rest. Negative reviews trigger our Amazon text alerts or email notifications, letting you know the instant they happen. The software will also alert you when a negative review is marked as helpful by other users. You can even create automatic comment responses for negative reviews — both Amazon and Amazon customers look favorably on stores that respond to customer concerns.

View Changes In Product Star Ratings With The Amazon Ratings Checker

Star ratings play an important role in determining who gets the Amazon buy box. And as an Amazon seller, you may have noticed that sometimes your product star ratings change even though you haven’t received any new reviews. This is because Amazon periodically deletes reviews.

Nobody is certain how Amazon’s algorithm determines which reviews to remove, but we do know that it can affect your star ratings for better or for worse. AMZAlert’s Amazon ratings checker can help you keep track of positive and negative star ratings, sending you Amazon email notifications or text alerts any time one of them changes.

Of course, your star ratings may fluctuate as you recieve more reviews. AMZAlert’s review monitoring software and ratings checker can keep track of those changes, too, allowing your to quickly take action and keep moving forward.

7 Reasons Amazon Sellers Need AMZAlert’s Amazon Review Checker & Monitoring Software:

  • Good reviews and star ratings help you maintain the buy box, which is crucial for driving sales.
  • Negative reviews can severely impact your sales, so the quicker you can react the better.
  • Leaving comments on negative reviews and otherwise keeping them in check will help build consumer trust.
  • Star ratings also show you how your customers feel about your products and company, allowing you to improve and move forward as a business.
  • Amazon removes reviews without warning, so knowing when a good or bad review was taken down will help you keep a pulse on these changes and adapt as needed.
  • Manually monitoring star rating changes and the status of reviews is extremely time-consuming.
  • With AMZAlert, you receive instant Amazon text alerts or email notifications the moment any review or rating change occurs.