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Let Our Amazon Tracker Alert You To Product Title, Image & Category Changes

Why use an Amazon tracker to monitor your ASINs? When selling products on Amazon, it’s crucial that the information in your listings is a good and accurate representation of your products and your brand. If you don’t have titles that reflect the product you’re selling and quality images to go with them, your listings will have poor click-through and conversion rates. The same goes for products listed in the incorrect category.

While it might sound easy enough to add all the needed components to your listings, Amazon hijackers, piggybackers and scammers can make maintaining a successful store very difficult. These hijackers like to sabotage competing listings by changing product titles, images and category nodes. That’s where AMZAlert’s Amazon Product Tracking software comes into play.

How The Amazon Product Tracker Works

AMZAlert’s 24-hour surveillance keeps track of your online store. If anything changes about your product listings, you’ll be instantly notified through Amazon text and email notifications. Rather than constantly monitoring your store, or worrying that something has gone wrong when you’re not, AMZAlert will keep you informed so you can take back control in minutes. No more lost sales — or sanity — from hijacker antics!

7 Reasons Amazon Sellers Need Amazon Product Tracking

  • Amazon buyers need accurate product titles, images and categories to find what they’re looking for — keep them that way.
  • When hijackers implement title, image or category changes, you can lose rankings, which hurts your CTR and conversion rates.
  • You might not know a change has been made unless you’re actively checking.
  • Manually monitoring your listings is time-consuming, and it’s impossible to keep tabs on them 24/7.
  • A listing that has been changed by hijackers can not only tarnish your sales outlook, but also your brand image.
  • Without notifications, inaccurate information could be costing you sales.
  • Instant notifications from our Amazon tracker software give you peace of mind and the ability to quickly regain control of your store.