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Amazon Product Suppression Alerts

The only way you are going to make money selling on Amazon is if your product listings are active for consumers to see. There are a variety of reasons on why Amazon suppresses listings, from products that don’t meet certain standards. For example, Amazon will suppress listings that don’t have a main image in all US categories aside from automotive powersports, books, industrial and scientific, and music. For a majority of US categories, Amazon will suppress your listing for not including brand and product information formatted properly. If your listing is suppressed, you don’t always get alerted to this information, but with AMZAlert’s Amazon monitoring software, you can be notified so you can take action.

How Product Suppression Monitoring Works

Amazon does not include monitoring services as part of being an Amazon seller, so it is important to invest in an Amazon seller software that can alert you to anything that affects your bottom line. If your product listings are incomplete and missing the required data listed in the Amazon standards, they will suppress the listing until it is fixed. However, if they suppress a listing, how do you know? You’d have to manually check often enough to catch the changes before the significantly impact your business, and that can be a time-consuming pain. AMZAlert will provide Amazon text alerts and email notifications anytime there is a change in your product listing status so that if Amazon suppresses your listing, you will be notified immediately to make the changes.

8 Reasons Amazon Sellers Need Product Suppression Alerts:

  • No one will buy your product if they can’t see it
  • Amazon Suppresses listing for a variety of reasons
  • Amazon does not always alert you when a product gets suppressed
  • You must manually check to find out if your products have been suppressed
  • Manually monitoring all of your listings can be time-consuming
  • Having every advantage is crucial for success in the Amazon marketplace
  • Amazon seller software can let you know immediately if a product is suppressed
  • Every minute your listing is suppressed you could be losing sales