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Amazon Leech and Piggybacker Alerts

Just like Amazon hijacker alerts, Amazon piggybacker alerts give you real-time updates on scammers trying to leech off your ecommerce success. An Amazon leech or piggybacker is similar to a hijacker, but leeches don’t steal the buybox. Amazon leeches are not interested in stealing the entire spotlight, but just a tiny piece of the pie. Sometimes piggybackers will offer your product at lower prices or with other incentives. Other times, they will markup the price and sell, and although most people price shop online, they will still take from some of your business.

How Amazon Piggyback Alerts Work

When you use AMZAlert, you’ll complete a product import where you’ll be able to turn on different features including leech alerts. When a piggybacker jumps onto your product listing and sets up their own, AMZAlert will give you a notification almost immediately. The sooner you know about a piggybacker, the sooner you can get on top of it. Whether you take manual actions or use the Rapid Restoration Cease and Desist feature, you will be ahead of the game, so you can get your listing back and cut down on the number of lost sales. The Amazon market is so competitive that piggybackers and hijackers will only get worse, so these alerts can make a huge difference in your sales.

Our customers report sales increases of 30-100% within 1 month, just by using AMZ Alert!

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The Top Reasons Amazon Sellers Need Piggyback Alerts Include:

Amazon seller software will let you know of any potential leechers or piggybackers

Manually Monitoring all of your listings is extremely time-consuming

Leechers/piggybackers may be taking some of your sales away

With the Amazon market growing, Leechers will continue to grow as well

Sales may be diverted away from your page by leechers

Piggybackers may be offering your product at a lower price or with other incentives

Most customers price shop online so piggybackers and leechers can be a big issue

You can rest knowing your listing are protected from scams

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