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Track Rankings Of Your Top Keywords With Amazon Keyword Tool

Amazon uses advanced algorithms to predict what products would be the best match for the entered keyword. That’s where our Amazon keyword tool comes in. Thanks to our Amazon keyword ranking software, you’ll be able to track your top three current keywords or your competitor’s keywords that customers search for to find your products. You will then receive email and text notifications if there are any increases or decreases in keyword rankings.

Track Keyword Movement for Amazon Listings

Knowing where your top keywords rank in the Amazon marketplace will help you increase your overall traffic to your Amazon store. With AMZAlert, you’ll receive instant Amazon alerts if any of your search terms that you have provided move in a negative or positive direction. Getting email and text alerts when your top three keywords change will allow you to act quickly. A big issue with manually tracking keywords is it can be extremely time-consuming. You can keep your mind at ease and not have to worry about constantly keeping track of your keywords without assistance.

Our customers report sales increases of 30-100% within 1 month, just by using AMZ Alert!

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Why Amazon Sellers Need Keyword Ranking Change Alerts:

Amazon uses algorithms to find the best match for a consumers search

Making sure your keywords match customer searches is crucial for success

When Top Keywords change, you could be losing sales

If a consumer searches change, your product may not be showing up in the results

Keyword rank change notifications can help to ensure you are staying on top of popular keywords

Maintaining traffic to your website is crucial to your bottom line

Amazon customers have a high purchase intent so you need to be at the top of the search results

Tracking your keywords can lead to a higher click-through and conversion rate