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Amazon Hijacker and Buybox Alerts

You spent time optimizing your Amazon product listings, so the last thing you want is someone coming along and steal the buybox from you, with the exact same product, images, and information. With the Amazon monitoring services of AMZAlert, you can stop worrying about having to manually check to ensure you are still maintaining your buybox spot. When you lose the buybox spot, you can see a significant drop in sales. This can also impact branding, because online shoppers don’t always notice when the seller changes, so if someone takes your product photos and description, customers are not aware, and will end up purchasing a counterfeit that is passed off as yours.

How Amazon Hijacking Alerts Work

When you become an AMZAlert member, you will import your products into our system, where you will be able to turn this feature on for whichever products you want. When a hijacker is on your listing and trying to take over that buybox spot, AMZAlert will notify you of this so you can be proactive on stopping it or remedy the situation. Hijackers often take your listing word for word to be able to able to steal the buybox. In this case, you would want the Amazon Cease & Desist feature to force them to stop.

Why Amazon Sellers Need Hijacker and Buybox Alerts:

  • You cannot manually monitor your account 24/7
  • Hijackers may take over your listing
  • Hijackers may take your buybox spot
  • Customers may end up purchasing a counterfeit product
  • You could be losing and missing out on a significant number of sales
  • Amazon seller software monitors your products and listings for you
  • Amazon software will notify you immediately of hijackers
  • The sooner you are aware of a hijacker, the sooner you can recover your position

If you want to learn more about AMZAlert or try our Amazon hijacker alerts free for 10 days, sign up for our free trial.