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Amazon Rapid Restoration Cease & Desist

One of the most common problems that Amazon Sellers face is Amazon listing hijacking. When someone takes over your authentic listing with a counterfeit or fake item, it can severely impact your bottom line. Luckily, with AMZAlert, you can be notified in real-time and be proactive about putting an end to it. AMZAlert is the only Amazon Monitoring Software that automatically sends out Cease and Desist letter to any hijacker that jumps onto your listing.

How Rapid Restoration Works

As you import your products into our Amazon seller tool, you will be given the option to turn on the Rapid Restoration feature for specific ASIN’s or all of your products. When you have this feature turned on, you’ll select a Cease and Desist template that suits your needs. Our templates fill in all necessary information about your product and business, so you don’t have to spend the time customizing a Cease and Desist letter for every time a hijacker takes over. Anytime a hijacker takes your listing, AMZAlert automatically sends out the letter for you and notifies you as well.

Our customers report sales increases of 30-100% within 1 month, just by using AMZ Alert!

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The Top Reasons Amazon Sellers Need Cease and Desist Restoration:

Amazon listing Hijacking is one of the most serious problems you face in the Amazon Marketplace

Amazon seller software allows you to be proactive in putting a stop to hijackers

Amazon software allows you to send a cease and desist letter in a timely manner

Without constant listing monitoring, you may be losing sales to a hijacker

Amazon seller software can automatically send a letter for you, saving time and money

Losing sales can affect your Amazon ranking

Rapid restoration allows you to feel safe about your Amazon listings

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