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How To Become Buy Box Eligible On Amazon

Best Seller Badge, Best Seller Ranking, Buy Box — it seems like there are so many coveted rankings to compete for in the Amazon marketplace. But being eligible to win the Buy Box is probably what tops the goal charts of most Amazon sellers, since winning it can send sales through the roof and change the face of your eCommerce business. Learn more about the Buy Box, why it’s so important and what steps you can take to win it for your business.


Amazon FBA Referral Fee Updates & More For 2019

To start 2019 strong as an Amazon seller, it’s important to stay updated on policy and fee changes so you aren’t hit with any surprises. To help the cause, we’ve compiled and explained what some of the most prominent changes coming to Amazon will be (at least, for February). We’ll even recommend the software for Amazon FBA that will help you roll with the punches. Without further ado, let’s get started on the latest FBA news and updates.


The Amazon River: Tapping Its flow

One issue that companies experience while selling on Amazon is an increased cost of advertising due to low conversion rates. When a company has a product with a low conversion rate, its ranking is adversely affected and competition moves-in. Compounding the problem, the cost of advertising also increases as the product’s ranking drops. The company must then focus on increasing their conversion rate through keyword harvesting and fine turning their listing in hopes that they can make up ground in the market.


Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA): Is It Right For You?

Once you become an Amazon seller, you’ll be presented with two options: you can sell your products on Amazon, or you can sell them through Amazon. It’s a simple distinction that can mean a world of difference for your business. But before you decide whether you want your Amazon orders to be fulfilled by your business or by Amazon, there are several different factors for you to consider. Let’s break down the pros and cons of choosing Fulfillment by Amazon.


Amazon UPC Codes: Why Every Seller Needs Them & How To Get Them

You have the product, you have great product photography and you have some killer copy written for your product’s description. Now all you need to do is upload it to your Amazon seller account — or so you thought. Before you post your product to Amazon’s catalog, there’s one more critical thing you need to do, which is secure a universal product code, or UPC. Find out how you can secure Amazon UPC codes and why they’re so vital to the success of your products.


Amazon Conversion Rate Optimization Tricks: Increase Your Amazon Sales

Some Amazon sellers become so focused on getting their product listing to rank well in Amazon’s search results that they may forget one important thing: it still has to convince users to buy after they click! Let’s explore some of the ways you can increase your Amazon conversion rate without sacrificing that SEO magic.


4 Tips To Optimize Your Amazon Product Photography

In the world of ecommerce, having quality photos to go with your product listings is a crucial part of securing sales — especially when it comes to Amazon product photography. Check out why high-quality Amazon product photos are so important and how you can do them right.


The Power of Virtual Assistants in the 21st Century E-Commerce Arena


The world is rapidly evolving – from technology and gadgets, medicine and travel, to how we do business and consume goods. Any form of online business, particularly e-commerce, is no different, and is here to stay!

Hence, in this rapidly changing global economy where not too long ago we found ourselves in the midst of an economic downturn, the need to exploit opportunities and maintain viable significance in the online business industry amid the growing competition; remains highly imperative!

Whether you’re a small business online or offline, you can never overlook the importance of getting an “extra set of hands” to take the burden off you!


Intro To Advertising On Amazon

In order to be a truly successful Amazon seller, you need to ramp up your Amazon advertising strategy. This fact is especially important during the holiday season, when most sellers experience a spike in conversions. If you take the time to master advertising on Amazon, you’ll see revenue boosts throughout the entire year.


The Importance of Following the Fees

With Amazon’s FBA services, fees are part of doing business. Many of us are so focused on increasing revenue, we often forget to look at the money we have already spent. If the largest aggregate expense you will have selling through FBA are fees, then why are we not more focused on ensuring that we are being charged correctly?